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Leather Saddle Bag for Bicycle

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Bicycle leather saddle bag is a mix in between modern take on saddle bag with a combination of classic material and simple yet functional and spacious design.

Made out of full grain vegetable tanned leather is a great accessory for your classic bicycle.

Thanks to the unique closure system, accessing items inside the bag is easy and fast while being extremely safe. So you don't have to worry about thing falling out.

The bag is attached by two leather straps with velcro tape stitch onto them. Our signature dynamic strap system makes sure that your new saddle bag fits really well under any kind of saddle


  • Modern design
  • Fast and safe closure 
  • Dynamic strap system
  • A lot of inside storage space

We are using only high-quality full-grain vegetable tanned leather, which is the best kind of leather that you can get! 


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