Good bye Bikegab "brand" from now on just "Souma Leather"

Good bye Bikegab "brand" from now on just "Souma Leather"

When I started my Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 I had only one goal: to make one design of bicycle leather frame bag to help commuters around the world make their ride more enjoyable with stylish leather bicycle frame bag. I set small goal, which was aimed only on producing bags by myself out of high quality leather. I didn't really plan on any big brand or anything like that. I just wanted to share the product, which i think would really make people feel better while riding their bikes around cities as it did me.

As i shared in "Our Story" section I did succeeded in my "Bikegab" Kickstarted campaign and pre-sold almost 50 of these leather frame bags/shoulder bags. I will never forget about that feeling when at 2:00am the campaign was over and I have met my goal by just 38$. It was challenging for unskilled me to make all bags in spare bedroom in my apartment. But I did it and had fun with it. That was when I decided I want to take it more seriously. 

Long story short after being "quiet" for some time due to relocating and all that, I decided to widen up my brand, so I wouldn't have to concentrate just on making bicycle accessories in the future. But I felt like the "Bikegab" some people would still remember and most importantly it was my baby. 

I have been talking to many of my friends, customers or just people who were interested in the Souma Leather, and in what we are doing. And to most of them seemed that complete separation of "Bikegab" and "Souma Leather" was just too confusing, especially for tiny company, which is trying to get any recognition. Most of people just weren't sure if we are one brands or two or what is going on.

After hearing several of these comments mentioning basically same issue, and after long time thinking I decided not to live in past anymore and say goodbye to the "Bikegab" logo and brand. So from now on on all my product you will see our "Souma Leather" stamp to assure you that it is well thought out and crafted leather product. Always using top grade leather, threads and metal parts, nothing more, nothing less.

At Souma Leather we want to make sure that every time you see "Souma Leather" logo you don't have to worry about anything else but choosing, which product and leather finish you want:)

In my blog posts, I will update you on our journey. I would like to share not only our success, but also our troubles and mistakes. Because before you start your own business, you have no idea what you are getting into. But it is all WORTH IT!

Stay tuned for an article about how we settled in our current workshop.

All the best,

Marek Souček - Founder and Craftsman at Souma Leather


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